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Pratt Law's estate planning process is straightforward and is usually accomplished within a few weeks from start to finish. Here are the steps involved: 


Step 1 - Contact Us: Contact our office by email ( or telephone

(650.353.6146) to arrange for a brief consultation, during which we will discuss your specific needs, and recommended some estate planning options.


Step 2 - Engagement: If you would like to proceed with your estate planning, our office will provide you with a short contract confirming our agreement and setting forth the flat fee price involved. We will also provide an intake questionnaire for you to complete regarding the important details about your estate planning needs and objectives. Once you have completed the form — at least to the extent possible — please return the signed contract along with the intake questionnaire and our office will

contact you to schedule a consultation appointment with attorney Analisa Pratt. At this time, a 50

percent deposit will be required, per the agreement.


Step 3 - First Meeting: During your first meeting with Attorney Analisa Pratt, she will explain how the estate planning process works and will discuss your particular situation and needs.


Step 4 - Design Phase: Based upon your first meeting, Analisa will design customized estate planning



Step 5 - Review Meeting: You will meet with Attorney Analisa Pratt to discuss the estate plan she designs to meet your unique needs and wishes. During this meeting you will be free to raise any questions, issues or concerns regarding the draft documents.


Step 6 - Delivery/Signing Phase: Upon approval of the plan, Analisa will finalize the documents and our office will contact you to arrange a last meeting at which the final documents will be explained, signed and notarized. Analisa will explain any additional steps that need to be taken to complete the process. At this time, any final payments will be due.


Step 7 - Funding/Property Transfer Phase: Once the estate plan has been executed, we assist you with beneficiary designation changes and other funding issues to ensure the planning is effective and works as designed.


Step 8 - Peace of Mind: Upon completion of the process, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have completed the process and have protected your loved ones. You will receive a copy of the entire estate plan in an indexed and organized Estate Planning Portfolio for you to keep in a safe place.


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