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Estate administration is the legal process by which a person's debts are paid and assets distributed upon death. Estate administration includes the probate process as well as the administration of trusts and other non-probate transfers to ensure the estate is distributed approximately and with a minimum tax impact. 

Probate of the decedent's estate typically includes three broad actions: (1) asset collection, inventory and appraisal; (2) collecting and paying debts and taxes; and (3) distributing the remaining assets to beneficiaries. This process, depending on the particular situation, may occur with a will or without a will (intestate) and may occur subject to the jurisdiction of a probate court or outside a probate court. The length of time for a proper administration varies depending on several factors, which include the size of the estate, the complexity of the assets, and the relationship among beneficiaries.  


Pratt Law offers dependable and cost-effective counsel for executors, administrators, guardians, conservators and trustees.  We also handle intestate estates, trusts, and situations such as sales of real estate under probate court supervision. Pratt Law's efficient approach to probate matters saves clients time, money, and stress.

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