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Proper Estate Planning provides you and your family with the peace of mind and security that comes with knowing that your needs and your family's needs will be taken care of in the future. While many people associate estate planning with preparation for ones’ passing, the truth is that estate planning may also be incredibly valuable should you become temporarily or permanently incapacitated.  


Pratt Law offers sophisticated, high-quality, customized estate planning for individuals and families of all ages and configurations. Pratt Law assists clients in establishing living trusts; providing for the care of minor dependents; making charitable

contributions; and devising plans to manage health and financial affairs in the event of incapacity. Clients include individuals, married couples, families with children, business owners, high net-worth professionals, and those seeking to avoid probate and minimize or eliminate estate taxes.  From Menlo Park, California, Pratt Law advises clients throughout Silicon Valley and the Bay Area.


Founder and owner, Analisa Pratt, takes pride in being approachable, available, and down-to-earth. With Analisa, you can count on personalized legal counseling and excellent customer service. She will listen to your concerns and then will design an estate plan to meet your needs, wishes, and values. Throughout the estate planning process, Analisa will answer your questions and help you to understand how your unique plan works and how best to keep it current throughout your lifetime.

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